Emblem of Xiangtan University

XTU emblem was designed to three styles, i.e. red-colored one, black-colored one and blue-colored one, symbolizing joy, solemnity and rationalism respectively. The overall design is brief but not simple. The image of three arch doors (commonly known as the gate of XTU) on the emblem is a landmark of the university. It conveys the idea that "XTU students" enter the three arch doors confidently, and walk out of the doors passionately after four-year study to contribute to the society with their wisdom and courage. No matter where they are from and where they are going, "XTU students" always bear deep in mind the spirit that the arch doors embody. With such a profound message contained, XTU emblem is expected to inspire every student who wears it to advance courageously and keep moving.

XTU emblem for undergraduate students

XTU emblem for graduate students

XTU emblem for staff and faculties