Tips for Registration

Dear students,

Welcome to Xiangtan University. It was established in 1958 and is one of the key universities in China. It boasts beautiful scenery, modern living and teaching facilities and excellent teaching teams. We do believe that after studying here, you will fall in love with our campus.

Let me give you some important suggestions so that youll have a better experience here.

I. Management of Dormitory

1. Freshmen must check-in at the reception hall of the Foreign Students Building. Please check room facilities before signing on the Check-in and Check-out Sheet.

2. At the time of graduation, you are required to check-out at the reception hall after getting the Check-in and Check-out Sheet issued by the office of International Exchange Center. You can deal with graduation procedures by yourself.

3. Repairs. Please fill in the REPAIR BILL at the reception hall in detail (better in Chinese), the maintenance staff will come to your dormitory at the reserved time. You must take responsibility for any damage of the property or apartment caused by personal reasons, e.g. toilet clog, a damaged light bulb, artificial damage of domestic appliances and other property such as chairs, bed, desk, door and window (the reception personnel can help you to contact the maintenance staff). Any damage caused to the apartment will be paid according to its original price/cost.

4. In case of emergency, please call the reception desk (TEL: 58293147).
FIRE: 119

5. You are required to fill in an application form for supplies used in class at the reception hall.

6. According to the rules of Xiangtan University, there is no free internet access. You can fill in an application form at the reception hall and access the Internet at your own expense, after obtaining permission from the office of International Exchange Center (the reception personnel can help you to deal with it). Please pay the monthly fee at the reception hall, 30RMB/M.

7. Please pay the rent at the reception hall on time. Self-financed students and exchange students can have options of dorms with different facilities; for single room: 300RMB/M or 360RMB/M including TV set and refrigerator. 560RMB/M for double room (including TV set and refrigerator); 760RMB/M for apartment (three rooms, including TV and refrigerator). The rent must be paid monthly.

8. Government Scholarship Students are exempted from paying the basic rent (300RMB/M) of a single room. If you choose a dorm room equipped with TV set and refrigerator, you must pay the extra fee.

II. Management Of Routine Teaching

1. Please contact the teacher at the Department of International Students for enrollment and residence permit. (TEL: 58293938)

(1) Please register at Room 104,with the passport photocopies of front page, visa page and latest entry stamp, e-photo (blue background). All freshmen need apply for a QQ account, and join in the QQ group of Xiangtan University international students: 135981885.

(2) Physical Examination. If you take the original Foreigner Physical Examination Form, please certify it at the Hunan International Travel Healthcare Center (ITHC). (Tel: 0731 84721924, 84718711) Otherwise, you must go to the ITHC for another physical examination by yourself on an empty stomach, with your passport and 3 3.7*5cm photos. (Time for physical check up: 8:00-11:30 on every Monday to Friday morning) Physical Examination must be done within 15 days of enrollment.

(3) The new Chinese Government scholarship students should open an account in China Construction Bank on campus and hand in the printout of the account information to the office of the Department of Foreign Students.

(4) For Visa or Residence Permit, please go to the Bureau of Public Security of Xiangtan. Fill in the Foreigner’s VISA AND RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM and submit PASSPORT photocopies (front page, visa page, latest entry stamp), JW201 or JW202 (original and photocopy), ENROLLMENT DOCUMENT (original and photocopy), PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORMS (original and photocopy). Residence Permit Applications must be completed and turned in 30 days before termination of your visa, otherwise you must be liable for any consequences.

2. Please get the curricular schedule in time and attend classes on time. Being late, leaving-early as well as being absent from class is prohibited. Harassment in class is also prohibited. Due respect must be given to teachers.

3. Asking for leave. You must hand in an application in writing and get permission prior to being absent from class.

4. If you need to leave prior to the scheduled school vacation, you must inform the staff about your estimated time of leaving and returning.

5. Address: International Exchange Center, Xiangtan University, Xiangtan, Hunan
If you arrive in Changsha by train, you can transfer a bus to Xiangtan City from the Changzhutan Bus station(长株潭汽车站) near the railway station (less than10 minutes for walk ), then take a taxi (cost less than RMB 30) to Xiangtan University or take bus Number 6 to Xiangtan University.

If you arrive in Changsha by plane, you can transfer a bus to Xiangtan City (湘潭)at the airport, then take a taxi (cost less than RMB 30) to Xiangtan University or take bus Number 6 to Xiangtan University.

International Exchange Center of Xiangtan University