The Alumni Association of Xiangtan University

Founded in 1998, the 40th anniversary of the founding of Xiangtan University (XTU), the Alumni Association of Xiangtan University is a social organization charted by the Department of Civil Affairs of Hunan Province. The association with independent corporate capacity is a voluntary organization by alumni.

Xiangtan University Alumni magazine

The Alumni Association has been long committed to strengthening communication, enhancing cohesiveness, and promoting mutual development between the XTU and all its alumni. Alumni work has witnessed a blooming development. It has been included in the universitys important agenda. The Secretariat under the administration of the association was set up to take charge of routine work. A two-tier management system consisting of university and colleges has been built, in which each college has a leading group and a specially-assigned person responsible for alumni work. The magazine of Xiangtan University Alumni published biannually offers nourishment for the minds of alumni and conveys a feeling of warmth from the alma mater on a regular basis. In order to provide efficient and high quality service in an all-round way, the official website, WeChat account of the Alumni Association of Xiangtan University and the Student Assistant Association are tailored for alumni. So far, nearly 30 XTU alumni organizations have been established in China, Japan and North America with XTU alumni throughout the world, and a variety of fantastic activities have been organized.