XTU Education Foundation

Xiangtan University Education Foundation (XUTEF) was founded in Dec. 2007. It is a national non-public foundation as an independent legal entity approved by the Education Department of Hunan Province and the Department of Civil Affairs of Hunan Province.

Coinciding with Chinas education undertaking and reform development, the XUTEF is committed to raising and managing social donations to promote development of Xiangtan University.

TUEF is committed to actively formulating and implementing plans on fundraising and collecting various social resources, and giving full play to strengthen the relation between the university and society. The University hopes to receive wide support and vigorous assistance from domestic and foreign enterprises, public institutions, social organizations, and alumni, broaden its channels for scholarship financing, and strengthen its competitiveness.

The fund of TUEF is mainly used as teaching grant, scholarship, education grant, and research grant according to the wishes of donors or related agreements. A strict management system has been carried out to ensure that all the funds and donations are used properly in accordance with the donors wishes and the foundations objectives.