Confucius Institutes

Xiangtan University, in cooperation with Hanban (the Office of Chinese Language Council International), actively promotes the Chinese language in order to facilitate understanding between China and the world. Culture and language are the vehicles for this understanding.

Qualified teachers and students are encouraged to participate in government-funded projects and work overseas as teaching consultants and Chinese language teachers. 

Xiangtan University contributes to Chinese language promotion internationally by assisting the Confucius Institute’s work. It selects and recommends teachers and teaching volunteers for government-funded Chinese language teaching programs.

During its participation in the program, Xiangtan University has accredited three Chinese deans, 11 Chinese language teachers and over 120 teaching volunteers to Confucius institutes and overseas cooperative universities and educational institutions.

Since the university began its cooperation with the Confucius Institute in 2009, two institutes have been approved. One with Makerere University in Uganda and another with Leon University in Spain. Xiangtan University is the first Hunan university to establish two Confucius institutes overseas. In January 2016, Hanban authorized the university to enroll overseas students with Confucius Institute Scholarship.