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Exchange and Cooperation Division (International Cooperative Education Department)
Responsibilities: taking charge of interschool exchange and cooperation programs, including international joint training, teacher exchange, China-Africa Universities 20+20 Cooperation Plan, and Confucius Institutes; outbound affairs; reception and etiquette concerned with foreign affairs
Tel: 0086-731-58292130
Fax: 0086-731-58292130
Email: xzq@xtu.edu.cn, dqf@xtu.edu.cn

Expert Division
Responsibilities: employement and management of foreign experts
Tel: 0086-731-58298803
Fax: 0086-731-58298803
Email: zjk@xtu.edu.cn, 475227669@qq.com

Office of Acadamic Affairs and Office of Student Affairs
Responsibilities: management of academic and student affairs in the majors of mechanical design engineering and automation, international economy and trade, as well as business administration
Tel: 0086-731-58293864 (Office of Academic Affairs)
Tel: 0086-731-58298819 (Office of Student Affairs)
Email: gjjl@xtu.edu.cn, leeyanjuan@sina.com

General Division
Responsibilities: consulting and application of China Scholarship Council project; application and implementation of talent introduction projects; and other general affairs in the division
Tel: 0086-731-58298801
Fax: 0086-731-58298801
Email: hexin@xtu.edu.cn