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XTU library is a member of China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS). It has won the honorable titles of "National Advanced Library","Hunan Culturally Civilized Unit,", "National Model Home for Staff " and "National Award as Model Women Group Presented on May Day".Its main venue and branches cover a total floor area of 30,804 sqm, including 21,663 sqm for the main venue. The library houses more than 3,200,000 printed items, 2,854 current periodicals, over 60,000 Chinese and foreign e-journals, 1,228,000 e-books, and over 3,980,000 master and doctoral theses. The gross capacity of local-storage devices for digital resources reached 120TB.

The library has integrated the process of collecting, borrowing and reading. It offers open-shelf reading service. Meanwhile, a wider range of library services have been provided, involving books and periodicals reading and borrowing, literatures reproducing, document delivering, sci-tech novelty retrieving, discipline searching, consulting, and training on the use of library resources. A course tiled “Retrieval and Use of Digital Resources” is open to both postgraduates and undergraduates.


Book-borrowing service
Tel: 0086-731-58292139

Latest Details of Book Borrowing 

Reader Type
Number of Book Borrowing
Initial Borrowing
for (days)
Renewal for
Faculty and Staff
Graduates and Junior College Students
Part-time Adult Students
Electronic resources service
Tel: 0086-731-58293354
Electronic reading service
Tel: 0086-731-58292136
Directory of XTU Library Resources and Services 
Service Items
Resources and Services
Book Borrowing
Reception Desk
Book return, consultation and fine for overdue books
Lobby of the 2nd  Floor
Social Sciences Reading Room, NO.1
Chinese books, categories  C,  D
Room 204 (S)
Social Sciences Reading Room, NO.2
Chinese books, categories  F
Room 301 (S)
Social Sciences Reading Room, NO.3
Chinese books, categories H, and K
Room 302 (S)
Social Sciences Reading Room, NO.4
Chinese books , categories I, J
Room 502 (S)
Social Sciences Reading Room, NO.5
Chinese books , categories A,B,E,G,Z
Room 702 (S)
Natural Sciences Reading Room, NO.1
Chinese books, categories N, O, P, Q, R, S, and T (including TB, TD, TE, TF, TG, TH, TJ, TK, TL)
Room 401 (S)
Natural Sciences Reading Room, NO.2
Chinese books, categories T(including TM, TN, TP, TQ, TS, TU, TV)U, V, X and Z
Room 402 (S)
Foreign Language  and Periodicals Reading Room of Foreign Languages
Foreign books from A to Z、Foreign Periodicals
Room 701 (S)
Comprehensive Reading Room, NO.2
Chinese books, categories F, G and H
Room 303 (N)
Compact Stack Room
Books with lower utilization 
Room 111 (S)
Room 110 (S)
Room 101 (N)
Fourth teach school district branch
A - Z categories of Chinese books, periodicals
Fourth teaching area
 Books and Periodicals Reading
Social Sciences Periodicals Reading Room
Chinese periodicals of social sciences; outdated periodicals after the year of 2000; printing service
Room 601 (S)
Periodicals Reading Room of Natural Sciences & Literature and Art
Chinese periodicals of natural sciences;  outdated periodicals after the year of 2000; popular periodicals like literature and art; printing service
Room 602 (S)
Newspaper Reading Room
Chinese Newspaper from A to Z
Room 401 (N)
Ancient Books Reading Room
ancient books
Room 501 (S)
Comprehensive Reading Room, NO.1
Chinese books , categories A, B, C, D and E
Room 305 (N)
Comprehensive Reading Room, NO.3
Chinese books, categories I, J, K, and Z
Room 301 (N)
Comprehensive Reading Room, NO.4
Chinese books, categories P, Q, R, T (TH-TV), U,V, and X
Room 205 (N)
Comprehensive Reading Room, NO.5
Textbook Samples Hall
Reference Books Reading Room
Chinese books, categories O, S and T (TB—TG)
TB-TG textbooks
Reference books, yearbooks and manuals
Room 204 (N)
Electronic Network
E-reading Room
free electronic literature reading and network services
Room 201 (S)
Computer Control Room
campus card disposal and leaving procedures
Room 201 (S)
Information Service
Digital Resources Department
digital resources organization, teaching and training
Room 402 and Room 403 (N)
Information Service Department
science and technology novelty retrieval, reference, consultation and document delivery
Room 404 (N)
Collection and Editing of
Books and Periodicals
Collection and Editing Department
interviewing, processing, cataloging and collecting of paper books
Room 111 (S)
Tel: 0086-731-58292135
feedback and suggestions’ collecting, handling and  reporting;
management of academic hall
Room 105 (S)

 Note: "S" refers to South Building of XTU Library, "N" refers to North Building of XTU Library


Website: lib.xtu.edu.cn
Tel: 0086-731-58292441
Mail: lib@xtu.edu.cn