XTU Campus Card

  XTU campus card is a real-name financial IC card issued by Xiangtan University (XTU) in partnership with Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank (CCB).
  The campus card (variously known as the CCB Long Card or XTU ID Card) serves as: an identification card; an electronic key card controlling access to libraries, dormitories, staff office buildings, and recording attendance of classes and meetings; and a debit card which can be used to purchase goods and services on campus.
  Three accounts function on the card. 
  1. CCB Saving Account: functions as a debit card to pay for Internet access, optional course, make-up course, CET-4 and CET-6 registration, and tuition, as well as to grant scholarships and subsidies. 
  2. E-wallet Account: functions to pay for dining at canteens, operating public computers of the university, purchasing goods, electricity, water, and internet service in campus, seeing doctors at school hospital, and using hot water and direct drinking water at dormitories.
  3. E-cash Account: can be used on financial terminals labeled "Quick Pass" on buses and in supermarkets and other places.
  E-wallet account can be recharged via online platform, self-service terminal (transfer machine) and paying cash directly in the Campus Card Service Center.
  When making a payment with IC card, please make sure the card tapping close to the card reader after the seller enters correct sum of consumption. A beep indicates that the payment has been completed. The balance will be shown on the card reader screen then.  
  The IC card has embedded antenna and integrated circuit. In prevention of damaging the circuit board, please protect the card from bending, punching, scratching, watering, oil immersion, heavy press and static electricity. Any damage on the card may influence its normal use. Please keep it in a hard card cover.
  If you pick up others campus card, please hand in the card to the Campus Card Service Center. The Center will make a lost and found notice on transfer machines and its website. The act of stealing other’s campus card is a breach of law and will be punished in accordance with related laws.
Address of the Campus Card Center: 150 meters northwards  to the Chinese Construction Bank near Nanyuan Dormitory
Tel: +86 (731) 58298578
E-mail: ecard@xtu.edu.cn
Website: http://ecard.xtu.edu.cn