XTU Dormitories


Qinhu Student Dormitory Area is located in southeast of the campus, near XTU gymnasiums. Covering an area of 130,635 square meters, it has 18 dormitory buildings with 3,456 quad rooms in total. Each room has a bathroom, and equipped with network connectivity. Sports facilities, including table tennis room, tennis courts and badminton court, are open to students around the area.


Beiyuan Student Dormitory Area is located at the north end of the campus, near Jingguan Building and No.3 Teaching Building. Covering an area of 59,959 square meters, it has 9 dormitory buildings with 557 six-person rooms.


Nanyuan Student Dormitory Area is situated at the center of the campus, near library and No.1 teaching building. Eleven dormitory buildings are involved in the area, covering an area of 191,523 squ.m, and consisting of 788 rooms. No.1 to No.8 dormitory building provide six-person rooms, and No.9 to No.11 with double rooms. All rooms are equipped with Internet access, fans, shower facilities (hot water), vending machines, and washing machines.


Xingxiang Student Dormitory


Located in the south of the campus, Jinhanlin Student Dormitory Area is next to Mao Zedong Bronze Statue Square and adjacent to North Second Ring Road. Covering an area of 68,177 square meters, it has 11 dormitory buildings with 1,920 quad rooms in total. It has convenient access to public transportation.