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Overview of Humanities & Social Sciences

The Office of Social Sciences & Humanities is a functional department under the executive leadership and that of the XTU Party Committee. Focusing on humanities and social sciences of the university, the office is in charge of formulating and implementing development plans, as well as organizing and managing research activities and other related business. Established in 2003, the office has been merged with the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Its duties are: to control research development direction of humanities and social sciences of Xiangtan University; to promote its prosperity and development; to organize, apply for, coordinate and manage various projects in this regard at all levels; to promote the cultivation, recommendation, review, management and development of scientific platforms and research personnel; to organize application for excellent scientific achievements awards of various types at all levels; to serve as a go-between for university and government departments, enterprises as well as social organizations, so as to promote the transformation, application and practice of scientific achievements; to facilitate domestic and international exchange and cooperation; and to take responsibility for managing scientific research and other related business.

There are 9 staff members in the office, including 1 chief and 2 deputy chiefs. It is well organized with 3 divisions; namely, General Office, the Division for Planning and Projects, and the Division for Achievements and Information. Since its establishment, the office has been awarded “Advanced Collective of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research in Colleges and Universities" by the Ministry of Education, "Advanced Unit of National Education System in R&D Resources Inventory", and "Advanced Collective of Scientific Research Management in Colleges and Universities" of Hunan Province.

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