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XTU 60th Founding Anniversary Celebration Series 【澳门太阳2007网址】SiC-based High-speed Drive Application Research on Modular Multilevel Converter


Topic: SiC-based High-speed Drive Application Research on Modular Multilevel Converter

Lecturer: Professor Xu Longya, IEEE Fellow of the Ohio State University, USA

Host: Professor Duan Bin, XTU doctoral supervisor

Time: 9:30 AM, July 10 (Tuesday), 2018

Venue: No. 1 Terraced Room of the College of Information Engineering


Professor Xu Longya received his MS and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1986 and 1990 respectively. He is a special expert in the National Thousand Talents Program of China. He is a lifelong professor at the Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of the Center for High Performance Power Electronics. He has been honored IEEE FELLOW and used to serve as Secretary-General, Vice Chairman, and Chairman of the IEEE/IAS Industry Application Society Motor Committee, and Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.

He is currently an Executive Member of the IEEE/IAS Industry Application Society. Professor Xu Longyas main research areas are variable speed drives and variable speed power generation systems, and their extensive applications in aerospace, automotive, and new energy bioengineering. He is one of the founders of doubly-fed wind power control technology, and well-known in the international motor industry and power electronics field. In 2014, he won the IEEE IAS Outstanding Achievement Award, a top IEEE IAS technical achievement award, and the IEEE Nikola Tesla Award in 2018.

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