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【澳门太阳2007网址】Formation and Development of Treaty System

Topic: Formation and Development of Treaty System
Lecturer: Professor Li Yumin
Host: Professor Ji Chengming
Time: 3:00 pm, December 4 (Wednesday), 2019
Venue: Auditorium, XTU Library
The Chinese and foreign treaties are basic issues in China's modern history and are closely related to social changes. This lecture intends to elaborate on the formation and development of the treaty privilege system. The main contents are: 1. The concept of the "treaty system"; 2. Background and reasons for the birth of the treaty system; and 3. The treaty system formation and development process.
Li Yumin, born in February 1953, is a native of Leiyang City, Hunan Province. He is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of History and Culture of Hunan Normal University and enjoys special allowances from the State Council. He is a project review expert of the National Social Science Fund of China (NSSFC), the chief expert of NSSFC major project “General History of Modern China-foreign Treaty Relations” (14ZDB045), a member of the Disciplinary Review Group of the Hunan Academic Degrees Committee, and the person in charge of the National Key Discipline of Chinese Modern History. He used to serve as a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Higher Education History Discipline of the Ministry of Education, director of the Association of Chinese Historians, executive director of the Chinese Revolution of 1911 Association, director of the Chinese Sun Yat-sen Research Association, and vice president of the Hunan History Association.
His main research directions are modern Chinese politics and the history of China-foreign relations. He has long been engaged in the study of China-foreign treaties in modern Chinese history and has achieved a series of important results.
He has presided over 5 national social science fund projects (including 1 major project) and 8 Hunan provincial social science fund projects; published more than 20 monographs such as History of China's Abolition of the Treaty and Modern China's Treaty System, and more than 100 research papers.
In 2017, the results of his Study of China-Foreign Treaty Relations in the Late Qing Dynasty were selected into the National Philosophy and Social Sciences Achievements Library. He has won 1 second prize in the outstanding scientific research award of the Ministry of Education, and 4 first, second and third prizes in the outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences of Hunan Province.