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The Delegation of Xiangtan University Visits Leon University (Spain) and Tour University (France)


Xiangtan University, Oct. 25, 2015: From October 13 to October 20, 2015, Professor Liu Changgeng, Vice President of Xiangtan University, leads a delegation of 6 principles from School of Mechanic Engineering, School of Materials Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, International Communication Department and Finance Department to visit Leon University and Tour University at the invitation of these two universities. The delegation of Xiangtan University attended the 4th Anniversary activities of Confucius Institutes at Leon University, Signing Ceremony of contract on establishing friendly relationship between Xiangtan and Leon and Exchange Ceremony of the Letter of Intent about establishing friendly relationship Hunan Province and Castilla-Leon Autonomous Region. They also had an in-depth cooperative discussion with Mechanics Institute, School of Economics from Leon University and School of Engineering, Science and Technology Institute and Language Center from Tour University.


In recent years, International Communication Department of Xiangtan University has taken full advantage of friendly city platform built by Foreign Affairs Office of Provincial Government to develop inter-university exchange and cooperation and to serve local foreign affairs exchange and cooperation career. On one hand, Xiangtan University has established cooperative relationship with Marburg University (Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany), Shikoku University (Tokushima, Japan), Tour University and Orleans University (The Central – The Loire Regions, France) and Leon University (Castilla-Leon Autonomous Region, Spain). On the other hand, through sincere cooperation with Leon University, Xiangtan University has promoted the establishment of friendly relationship between Hunan Province and Castilla-Leon Autonomous Region, and between Xiangtan and Leon.