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Our President Luo He’an’s Fruitful Visit to Four Japanese Universities


        A visiting delegation of Xiangtan University paid friendly visits to Kagoshima University, Seisen University, Shiga University and Waseda University from May 9 to May 18. With President Luo He’an as the leader, the delegation included Professor Liu Jianzhou of School of Mathematics and Computational Science, Professor Hong Bo of School of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Wang Xiangqing of School of Philosophy and Sociology, Associate Director Zhu Xiangqun of Department of International Liaison and Li Fenglan of International Exchange Center.

        During the visit in Japan, President Luo He’an and the leaders of four Japanese universities discussed and exchanged opinions on academic exchange, exchange students, scientific project cooperation and mutual cultivation of postgraduates. With the mutual endeavor of Xiangtan University, Kagoshima University, Seisen University, Shiga University and Waseda University, they also agree to strengthen the friendly cooperation relationships between the universities and made positive contributions to Sino-Japanese friendship. The proposal of cooperation based on mutual advantage complementarity, mutual profit and development attracted the attention of Japanese university leaders. They handed out the project materials brought from our university to their scholars for possible cooperation partners. The Presidents of Kagoshima University, Seisen University, Shiga University and Waseda University also accepted the sincere visiting invitation of President Luo He’an. They will come to visit Xiangtan University at their convenience and discuss the substantial cooperation between the universities.

        The visit in Japan consolidated and strengthened the existing cooperation with Kagoshima University, Seisen University and Shiga University. It also expanded the cooperation scope and broadened the communication channels. A primary relationship with world-famous Waseda University was also established. This is also a good foundation for further cooperation between the two parties.