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Wang Yi, Ambassador to Japan Awarded National Scholarship to Yang Caiqian, a Student Abroad of Our U


        Wang Yi, Ambassador to Japan awarded 2005 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad to Mr. Yang Caiqian, a student abroad of our university. 201 outstanding abroad students in 24 countries around the world won the award in 2005. Mr. Yang Caiqian graduated from School of Materials and Photoelectronic Physics of our university and got his Master Degree. Recommended by his supervisor Professor Zhou Yichun, he went for abroad study in Ibaraki University in the following year. He got his Doctor Degree in March this year and began to work as a special researcher in Ibaraki University. Mr. Yang Caiqian won the award because of his outstanding achievements in function examination of intelligent material and its structure. He published 6 SCI papers, 13 papers in international conferences and acquired 2 invention patents in his doctoral study period. Mr. Yang published 2 SCI papers and acquired 1 national invention patent during his mater study period.

        Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad was founded by Chinese Scholarship Council in 2003. It aims to stimulate outstanding self-financed students abroad to acquire great achievements in their study. It’s also a way to encourage them to come back to serve the country for further relations with the motherland. The scholarship was the first one founded by Chinese government for the mass self-financed students abroad. The winners won a scholarship of 5000 dollars and Certificate of Scholarship. The establishment of the scholarship fully shows the care and support of the Chinese government to mass self-financed students abroad. It’s also significant in the implement of Stratagem of Becoming a Powerful Nation with Talents. 300 excellent self-financed students abroad won the scholarship and the scholarship arose intensive response at home and abroad.

        In 2005, the students in 31 countries abroad were selected according to the procedures of personal application, qualification censorship, experts discussion, recommendation, public announcement on the website and domestic final evaluation. With the special attention and careful management of Chinese Scholarship Council, the education departments (teams) positively worked for the selection. In order to ensure the publicity, equality and impartiality of the scholarship evaluation, Chinese Scholarship Council invited experts in various fields and organized Experts’ Evaluation Committee, including academician of Chinese Academy of Science, famous scholars, committeeman of political consultative conference. After materials censorship, group discussion, meeting discussion, public announcement and final discussion, 201 winners in 24 countries were selected in the competitive selection.