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Our University Sending Students to Study Abroad


        Fourteen students entering into International Exchange Center (Preparatory Committee) of Xiangtan University in 2004 going to France for studying abroad arrived Université Jean-Monet de Saint-Etienne on August of 2006. Their study and living were arranged well by France cooperative university. Students also wrote the thanksgiving letter to our university and said that under the resource advantage of Xiangtan University they still have the home feeling living abroad.

        At present, the situation of studying abroad in our university is good and most of students can go abroad successfully according to the agreement of “2+2”. The universities cooperated with our university for double-diploma and international exchanges are: Swansea University in Britain, Universite de Poitiers, Universite de Savoie, and Université Jean-Monet de Saint-Etienne in France, and Universite De Leon in Spain. According to the different intentions to be going abroad and languages of countries for united education, the center has three language directions including English, French and Spanish, and three specialties including international economy and trade, business administration and computer science and technology. The center recruits students on two levels for key undergraduate and individual colleges; as for the foreign cooperative universities, they admit the educational system, credit hours and periods each other, so the students can achieve double diplomas when being qualified for graduation.