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Doctoral Dissertation of Dr. Ding Jianwen Awarding the 100 Excellent Ph.D. Dissertation Honor of Chi


        The Ministry of Education and Office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council recently authorized 99 dissertations as the 100 Excellent Ph.D. Dissertations of China in 2006. The dissertation on theme “Electronic Property and Strain Effect of Low Dimensional Nanostructure System” of Dr. Ding Jianwen (Supervisor: Prof. Yan Xiaohong) of our university graduated in 2004 won the laurel.

        Ding Jianwen achieved the Ph.D. on January of 2001. In the process of his Ph.D. study, Ding Jianwen processed the study on physical mechanical property of new materials and published more than 20 papers on important journals including Phys. Rev. B., Europhys. Lett., Appl. Phys. Lett., etc. of which papers were cited by other journals like Science and Phys. Rev. Lett. for 120 times including more than 60 times by other authors. The prominent work was cited by other experimental work issued on international top journals like Science, Nano Lett., J. Am. Chem. Soc., New. J. Phys. as the basic theory and the related experiment results were elucidated successfully. Dr. Ding Jianwen is the professor in Faculty of Materials and Photo–electronic Physics of our university, as well as Hunan Provincial Young Backbone Teachers, and was selected as Person for Hunan Provincial 121 Engineering Talents in the New Century. In recent years, he takes the charge of scientific projects including projects of National Natural Foundations and Hunan Provincial Natural Foundations, and was granted by many honors like provincial natural scientific excellent dissertation, Provincial Science & Technology Progress Award, the Fifth Provincial Youth Science & Technology Award and Provincial Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.

        The award of the Excellent Ph.D. Dissertations of China is the greatest encouragement in graduates’ education area in China, and is the important measurement for improvement of graduate culture quality, encouragement of innovation and promotion of high-level innovation talents. There are no more 100 dissertations every year being selected; the appraisal standards are: project selection is in the front of the discipline with important theoretic or realistic significance; innovations on theory or methods achieve breakthrough reaching international advanced level of the similar discipline, and are of better social benefit or applicable future; basic materials are full and accurate, consequences are meticulous and literal expression is accurate.

        In the last year, dissertation of one of the first group of doctoral candidates cultured by our university Zheng Xuejun (Supervisor: Prof. Zhou Yichun) achieved the nomination of the 100 Excellent Ph.D. Dissertations of China; this year, as one member of the second group of doctoral candidates cultured by our university, Ding Jianwen achieved the award of the 100 Excellent Ph.D. Dissertations of China which showed the excellent teachers level and culture quality of our university, as well as the mental attitude of ceaseless enterprising of graduates in our university.