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Project Research Results of Government Performance Assessment Got Attentions from Leaders of the Sta


        Recently, the research project Government Performance Assessment of Chinese Association of Administration Management put forward a general report Research Report on Government Departments Performance Assessment and two branch reports of Thoughts, System and Practice of Performance Assessment in Ancient Chinese Dynasties and Research on Foreign Governments’ Performance Assessment, which won approval and good comments from relative leaders of the State Council. These reports were distributed to Central Organization Committee, Ministry of Supervision, Ministry of Personnel, Legal Affairs Office, Domestic Research Office, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Business, Master Bureau of Industry and Business Administration, Audit Commission and other departments of the State Council for their reference. The reports also provided directive and practicable opinions for the Chinese government departments to carry out performance assessment work. Prof. Peng Guofu of our university was Group Leader to deliver the branch research report of Thoughts, System and Practice of Performance Assessment in Ancient Chinese Dynasties with Prof. Wu Jiannan from Xi’an JiaotongUniversity and Prof. Hou Jingchuan of our university as Assistant Group Leaders.
        The above research results got attentions from the leaders of the State Council, indicating the central government’s firm attitude of administration innovation and the clear direction towards scientificity and democracy of our government’s decision-making and management. This also indicates the subject of public management in government performance assessment field of our school continues to be among the top ones in China.