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International Seminar on “Marxism and Culture Research” Held in Our University


        International Seminar on “Marxism and Culture Research” and the 23rd Annual Meeting of National Marx and Lenin Literature Research Association was held in our university on October 26th and 27th.
More than one hundred experts and scholars from Russia, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing University, Fudan University and other scientific research institutes and universities gave speeches and had discussions on the topics of the multi-directional development of Marxist culture theory and modern criticism, Marxist culture theory in the 20th century, etc..
        In recent years, the culture research showed itself in multiple development directions. There’s a controversy in academy field on how to combine the multi-direction and dominance character of the culture research towards the question of the coexistence of the multi-direction and traditional dominance theory. On one hand, there’s a need of prosperity of multi-direction development in the academic field. On the other hand, the dominant Marxism should perform its own function. In such a background, the theme of the annual meeting of Marxism Literature Research Seminar was confirmed to be: “Marxism and Culture Research”, which aimed at instructing the academic field apply the methods and viewpoints of Marxist theory to analyze its significance on modern society and culture research.
The meeting was jointly held by National Marx and Lenin Literature Research Association and our university, which undertaking by School of Literature and Journalism.