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Delegation Led by Huang Jianxin’s Fruitful Visits to Universities in Spain and France


        Invited by Lyon University in Spain, Poitiers University, Saint-Etienne University and Savoie University in France, Huang Jianxin, Vice Chairman of University Affairs Committee of our university, led relative department chiefs and made an investigation to the cooperation universities in the two countries in the early November of 2006. The delegation was warmly welcomed and hosted by the cooperation universities. Savoie University in France hung colorful Five-star Red Flag and slogans on campus to show their enthusiastic welcome.

        At Lyon University in Spain, the two parties made extensive and deep communications on the 2 + 2 cooperative education model, the exchange students and the enlargement of education modes. Cooperative common understandings on relative issues were reached. Lyon University will send more than twenty students to study in our university next year, which is a positive motivation to enlarge the scope of exchange students and to enlarge the international influence of our university. Chief of University Department of Ministry of Education of Spain, President of Lyon University interviewed with Deputy Secretary Huang Jianxin. They also invited Huang to attend the grand, elegant and dignified graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of Lyon University and wear graduation ribbons to the students. World Newspaper, Lyon Daily, Lyon TV Station and Lyon Radio Station in Spain gave special reports on the cooperative communications and the graduation ceremony.

        At Poitiers University, Saint-Etienne University and Savoie University in France, the two parties had extensive and deep discussions on the issues of language teaching, specialty teaching, exchanging studentsteachers, broadening cooperative education specialties and establishing Confucius Institute. Lyon University in Spain and Savoie University in France expressed their strong interests in establishing Confucius Institute. Both parties reached cooperation intentions on relative issues. The communication visits were quite successful with great achievements and fruitful results.