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Forum on Past, Present and Future of Computational Mathematics Held by Our University


      Forum on Past, Present and Future of Computational Mathematics was held by Scientific Engineering Computation and Numerical Simulation Key Laboratory of Hunan Province and School of Mathematics and Computational Science of our university at Paragon Hotel from November 18th to 19th, 2006. Before the forum, second conference of First Academic Committee of the laboratory was held.


      Huang Yunqing, Director of the laboratory and Vice President of Xiangtan University, presided the forum. More than forty delegates from many key research institutions and universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Ninth Institution, Beijing University, Dalian University of Science and Technology, Wisconsin-Madison University in America and Xiangtan University attended the meeting, including two Academicians, five winners of Feng Kang Scientific Computation Award and seven winners of National Outstanding Youth Fund. Academician Shi Zhongci, Academician Lin Qun, Professor Shen Longjun, Professor Chen Chuanmiao, Professor Yuan Yaxiang, Professor Chen Zhiming, Professor Zhang Pingwen, Professor Wang Bin, Professor Zhou Aihui, Professor Jin Shi, Professor Wu Wei, Professor Yan Ningning, Professor Wu Yujiang, Professor Zhang Chengjian delivered topic speeches on the development, current situation, future developing tendency and existing challenges of research, application and talents cultivation of Chinese computational mathematics in the past fifty years.


      The convene of the forum further accelerates the construction and development of the laboratory and further expands the abroad and domestic academic influence of the computational mathematics subject of our university.