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The Research Achievement of Prof. Zhong Jianxin’s Subject Group Selected by Nature China as the Late



Prof. Zhong Jianxin’s subject group made an important progress in the study of graphite nano-structure. The paper---Electron Transport of Folded Graphene Nanoribbons completed by In-service Ph. D student Xie Yue’e, her supervisor Prof. Zhong Jianxin and deputy supervisor Associate Professor Chen Yuanping, was published on the U.S. Journal of Physics---J. Appl. Phys., which drew great concern of international counterparts. On Dec. 16, Nature China evaluated this research achievement as the latest highlight on the aspect of physics and materials and made a detailed introduction and comment titled as Unfolding a Graphene Ribbon. This was the first time for XTU to get such an honor. It was supported by National Natural Science Fund, Cultivation Fund of the Key Scientific and Technical Innovation of Ministry of Science and Yangtze River Scholar Program.

Nature China is a website created by Britain journal press---Nature, focused on publicity and promotion of the best research results from mainland of China and Hong Kong. One of the papers finished by Chinese authors is chosen by means of a sift once a week as the latest research highlights to be reported.

With excellent physical properties, graphite nano-material is one of the most popular nano-materials at present, and it is considered as the most important basic material of nano-electronic device in the future. In this study, the concept of folded graphite nanoribbons was first proposed by Xie Yue’e and others. They discovering that the energy gap can be changed when the single-layer graphite nanoribbon is folded as double-layer graphite nanoribbon and that alternation from semiconductor nanoribbon to metal nanoribbon can be realized by changing the distance between the layers. The achievement made by Xie Yue’e has close relationship with her deputy supervisor Chen Yuanping’s research on the graphite nano-structure in recent years. Chen Yuanping got doctoral degree at Xiangtan University in 2007, whose dissertation was awarded as Best Dissertation in 2009 in Hunan Province. In recent two years, he and prof. Zhong Jianxin have studied the physical properties of graphite nano-structure corporately and they have done a series of significant work on electron transport and thermal conductivity of graphite nano-structure. The related papers were published on the international journals such as Appl. Phys. Lett., Phys. Rev. B, J. Appl. Phys., which received extensive concern of the researchers from home and abroad and has been cited by international important journals including ACS Nano, Appl. Phys. Lett., Phys. Rev. B for many times. In 2008 Prof. Chen Yuanping was invited by International Center for Theoretical Physics to Italy to attend International Graphite Nano Week.
Prof. Zhong Jianxin is the first Chair Professor of “Cheung Kong Scholars Programme’ in XTU. He resigned from U.S. National Laboratoryand returned to XTU in 2006, working with a group of young people committed to leading basic research on condensed matter physics and nano science and technology. In recent years, this subject group has published a lot of important papers on famous international academic journals for example Phys. Rev. Lett. and Nano Letters and their research achievements were introduced and cited by top academic journals including Nature. In 2007 the sub-publication of Nature, that is, Nature Nanotechnology introduced doped nano-structure partition work as one of four research progress in nanotechnology filed and considered this work would play an important part in promoting the research on nature and structural characterization of nano-electronic material. In 2008, Italian scientists published an article on Nature, verifying universal law of quantum diffusion predicted by Prof. Zhong Jianxin and others using cold-atom experimental program. In 2009 German scientists published an article on Appl. Phys. Lett.to comment highly of Ph. D student Mao Yuliang and Prof. Zhong Jianxin about their graphene magnetic doping work, describing it as the pioneering work of “ground breaking”. The work of melting and pre-melting of carbon nano-tubes done by Ph. D student Zhang Kaiwang and Prof. Zhong Jianxin was selected into Wikipedia--- the famous international internet encyclopedia. The complex mosaic structure of nano-particles finished by Prof. Zhong Jianxin and U.S counterparts was selected by R&D Magazine as one of 25 top results of nano science and technology in the world in 2007. As Prof. Zhong Jianxin made outstanding achievements on talents cultivation and scientific research, he was warded National Model Teacher in 2009, invited to 60th National Anniversary Ceremony on behalf of returned Chinese scholars and cordially received by Chairman Hu Jintao and other central leaders.



Faculty of Materials, Optoelectronics and Physics
Jan. 7, 2010