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Material Design and Production Technology Laboratory Approved as Key Laboratory of Hunan Province


Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province issued documents recently to approve the construction of Material Design and Production Technology Laboratory as Key Laboratory of Hunan Province.

Material Design and Production Technology Key Laboratory of Hunan Province is established based on Material Design Research Institute of Xiangtan University, Doctoral Programs of Material Studies, Material Physics and Chemistry, Condensed State Physics and First-level Master Program of Material Science and Engineering. The research of the laboratory includes: thermodynamics of alloys, membrane and coat design, inorganic nonmetal function material and material calculation simulation and design, etc. There are 23 permanent staff and many relative stable guest researchers and mobile researchers. The Director of the laboratory is Professor Su Xuping. Among the permanent staff there are 12 doctoral supervisors, 12 professors, 13 doctoral degree holders, 3 selected in “New Century Talents Cultivation Plan” of Ministry of Education, 1 Provincial Excellent Young expert, 3 Provincial Cross Century Academic and Technology Cultivation Candidates, 3 Provincial Discipline Leaders, 3 selected in Leading Teacher Sponsorship Plan of Ministry of Education, 2 experts enjoying special subsidies from the government, 3 Provincial Excellent Teacher, 1 Lotus Scholar and 3 special-hired professors. In recent five years, the laboratory has successively undertaken Sub-project of National 973 Plan, 863 Project, 17 National Key Technology Projects of Tenth Five-year Plan, National Projects of National Defense, Military Technology and National Natural Science Fund, 28 provincial or ministry level projects. The total amount of the projects is nearly 34 million Yuan. The laboratory also won 7 provincial or ministry level awards, 4 approved provincial or ministry level science and technology assessments, 6 National Invention Patent, 7 monographs and 7 textbooks published, 274 theses published in major journals at home and abroad or academic seminars within 188 SCI(SCIE),EI,ISTP theses, 56 theses on national academic seminars and 7 specially-invited reports.

Now there are 3 Key Laboratories of Hunan Province in the university. Condensed Technology and Application Key Laboratory of Hunan Province was established in 1998 and passed construction check and appraisal in 2001 and 2004 respectively. Scientific Engineering Calculation and Numerical Value Simulation Key Laboratory of Hunan Province was established in 2004 and it passed construction check with outstanding scores in 2006. The construction of Material Design and Production Technology Key Laboratory of Hunan Province is a new starting point for our university’s construction and administration work of the Key Laboratories of Hunan Province. The laboratory provides a scientific research and technology development base on material design and new material development to effectively accelerate the social, economic and technological development of our province and our country. Meanwhile, it will enlarge the social influence of Hunan technology, elevate its academic level and academic status and accelerate the cultivation of talents.