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Professor Zhou Yichun and Professor Su Xuping were Respectively Elected as Standing Director and Dir


Professor Zhou Yichun of our university was elected as Fifth Session Standing Director of Chinese Materials Research Society for four years; Professor Su Xuping was elected as Fifth Session Director of Chinese Materials Research Society in the Fifth National Assembly of Chinese Materials Research Society held in Beijing on September 19th 2007.

Chinese Materials Research Society (C- MRS) is a unit engaged in material research and industry work, a legally established national nonprofit society based on freewill combination, a composition of Chinese Science Association and it’s attached to Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). Chinese Materials Research Society is one of the founders of International Union of Materials Research Society (IUMRS for short). It’s also a member of IUMRS on behalf of China. The tenet of the society is to unite and organize the Chinese material scientific researchers, obey the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, obey the social morality, execute the policy of “Rejuvenating the Country through Science and Education”, hold independent activities, develop on its own, closely aim at the national economic construction and society development objective, aim at the world scientific frontier of materials, conduct domestic and foreign academic communication, accelerate the research and development of all advanced materials, promote the actual application of new materials, new technics and new technologies in industry, make contributions to the prosperity and development of material scientific technology career and national economy construction. The society has five branches (Youth Working Committee, Fatigue Branch, Environment Material Branch, Calculating Material Studies Branch, Inter-metallic Compound and Amorphous Metal Branch), one hundred and forty-three society members (with more than ten thousand material scientific researchers) and one thousand one hundred and fourteen individual members.