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Project of National Natural Science Fund Undertaken by Professor Gao Xieping Finished with “Excellen


The 2006 projects’ assessment results of Information Science Department of National Natural Science Fund Committee were announced. The project of Wavelet Parameterization and Self-adapting Wavelet Neural Network Research finished by Professor Gao Xieping of our university got the assessment result of “Excellent”.

During the project research period, the research group of Professor Gao Xieping made an extensive research on the multi-wavelet’s parameterization function database composition of close, symmetry, time frequency regional function. The research provided the general construction method of interval multi-wavelet in limited regions; discussed the balance of interval multi-wavelets for the first time; got a complete symmetry general result of wide first level multi-wavelets; conducted special research on several non-separated wavelet parameterization construction and function with wide application backgrounds under sampling matrix, and the condition is quite simple; conducted a research on the full optimization system of wavelet neutral network system and established question-oriented self-adapting new wavelet neutral network system; put forward several new wavelet neutral network models with high promotion on learning profit and generalization capacity compared to other wavelet neutral network models, and the models can converge very quickly which is adopt for proper handling of complication systems; conducted application research on relative fields based on the achievements of wavelet parameterization and new wavelet neutral network models, such as image processing, random time sequence prediction, etc. The research group published 40-odd papers, including 11 SCI papers, 12 EI papers, 8 ISTP papers, 19 papers published in academic periodicals, 9 published in international academic meetings and 16 master degree papers. The achievement of project Theory and Application Research of Wavelet and Wavelet Neutral Network won Second Prize of 2006 Hunan Province Technology Advancement Award. Professor Gao Xiping was selcted as first circle member in first group of 121 Talents Project of Hunan Province.