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Professor Luo He’an Won Sponsorship of Key Project of National Natural Science Fund Again


The application of Elementary Research on Guidance Quality of Caprolactam Innovation Technology from Professor Luo He’an for 2007 Key Project of National Natural Science Fund was approved recently with a sponsor amount of 2.65 million Yuan

The project of Professor Luo He’an will conduct a guidance quality elementary research on the key scientific issues and technics of cyclohexane oxygenation, cyclohexanone oximation and cyclohexane production from benzene hydrogenation. The main research contents include: innovative scientific basis of cyclohexanone titanium silicon molecular sieve catalyses oxamation to produce cyclohexanone-oxime; new reaction project of cyclohexane oxygenation to produce cyclohexanone; reaction engineering scientific basis of suspended catalyzing distilled benzene hydrogenating to produce cyclohexane; one-step method of cyclohexane to produce cyclohexanone-oxime; one-step method of cyclohexanone to produce caprolactam, etc.

Professor Luo He’an has won the sponsorships of 2001 National Natural Science Fund with the project of Dynamics Research on Liquid Grain Coalescence (sponsorship amount 180 thousand Yuan) and 2002 Key Project of National Natural Science Fund with the project of Key Technology Innovation and Elementary Research in Environment Friendly Production of Caprolactam (sponsorship amount 400 thousand Yuan). His research achievements were reported in Brief News of National Natural Science Fund Committee for relative national leaders’ reference.