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Experts and Scholars Discussed the International Capital Flow and Chinese Economy Development


2007 Annual Convention of China World Economy Association and Symposium of International Capital Flow and Chinese Economy Development were held in our university from October 20th to 21st. More than two hundred experts and scholar from world economy field gathered in our university to discuss international capital flow and Chinese economy development.

Vice President Liu Changgeng presided the opening ceremony. Mayor of Xiangtan City Yu Ai’guo and President Luo He’an attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

More than two hundred experts and scholars from sixty-odd universities, research institutes and finance institutions such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Fudan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Zhejiang University, Peking Normal University, Xiamen University and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Development Research Center of State Council, The People’s Bank of China, attended the meeting.

In the two days’ meeting, the experts had hot academic discussions on the following five issues: international capital flow tendency and its influence to future Chinese economy, international capital and new market, adjustment of Chinese capital administration policies, FDI and development of Chinese international companies and China-U.S Strategic Economic Dialogue.

It’s said that this academic discussion will accelerate not only the whole construction and development of Chinese world economy teaching and scientific research, but also the communication and cooperation between the domestic universities and research institutes. It’s also of important practical significance to cultivate backup talents for world economy research.

The annual convention was held by China World Economy Association and undertaken by School of Business.