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International Mathematics Journal IJDSDE Edited under the Supervision of Professor Zhou Yong Got Pub


The International Journal of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations (IJDSDE www.inderscience.com/ijdsde) edited under the supervision of Professor Zhou Yong of School of Mathematics and Computation Science got published in Britain recently. IJDSDE mainly publishes high-quality research papers and summarization reports on Dynamical System and Differential Equation, aims to reflect the newest achievements and research trends and accelerates the academic communication in the field.

Editorial Committee of IJDSDE consists of 41 experts in Dynamical System and Differential Equation field from 20-odd countries like China, USA, Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Japan, Australia, Italy, etc. Six of the experts are academicians in European Academy of Sciences and academicians in National Academy of Sciences of China, USA, Russia, French, etc.

IJDSDE is a quarterly international journal published by Britain Inderscience Publishers in published version(ISSN (Print): 1752 - 3583)and electronic version(ISSN (Online): 1752 – 3591). There is no charge for publishing and proofreading for the journal.

In addition to this, Professor Zhou Yong also works as editor of the following international mathematics journals:
◇ Abstract and Applied Analysis(USA, Indexed in SCI)
◇ Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society(USA, Indexed in SCI)
◇ Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing(Springer, Indexed in EI)
◇ Differential Equations and Nonlinear Mechanics(USA)

The first volume of IJDSDE and all the electronic version papers in AAA, DDNS and DENM are available for free download.