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Our Students Achieved Great Accomplishments in the 10th “Challenge Cup” National Competition of Chin


On the morning of November 21st, Liu Guoqing, Wei Fuli, Lai Xin and Huang Xiaochao, on behalf of our university, came back winning high praise from the final round of the 10th “Challenge Cup” National Competition of Chinese College Students’ Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Achievements (hereafter referred to as “Challenge Cup”). The welcoming ceremony was held at the school gate by approximately 200 advisers for the awarded works and student representatives, led by Li Bochao, Vice-Secretary of the CPC Party Committee, Vice president Chen Xiaomin and personnel in charge in the relevant functional departments and colleges of our university.

The “Challenge Cup” Competition was held in Nankai University in Tianjin province and attracted 343 universities’ 883 works for the final round competition from 31 provinces (including autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government). In the final round, four works of scientific inventions or innovations from our university received favorable comments from all the judges and attendees for their creativity, innovation and wide practical values, which fully reflected the academic research level as well as creativity and innovation ability of our students. Among the four awarded works, two works were awarded Second Prize, namely, Green Integration Technology of Caprolactam Production by Liu Guoqing, Kuang Jigang, Liu Jian and Li Jing, etc. (advisers: Luo He’an and Wu Jian) in the College of Chemical Engineering, and Seam Tracking Intelligent Robots Based on Magnetic Control Arc Scanning Technology by Wei Fuli, Lai Xin, Hong Yuxiang, Zhou Wenjun, He Xiuquan and Fu Hao, etc. (advisers: Hong Bo, Yin Li and Qu Yuebo) in the College of Mechanical Engineering. The other two works were awarded Third Prize, namely, Preparation of High Energy Density Super Capacitors and Their Application in National Defense by He Liangfu, Li Qinmei, Wang Lu Hua and Wang Dexiu, etc. in the College of Chemistry (adviser: Wang Xianyou), and Design of Communication Module Platform with Embedded Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment by Huang Xiaochao, Yuan Lei and Yi Yuecheng, etc. in the College of Information and Engineering (advisers: Duan Bin and Deng Yongqing). In addition, Research on the Safeguard System of Olympic Games in Beijing by Xia Jiaoyang in the College of Law (adviser: Guo Shuli) was awarded Honorable Mention. Luo He’an and Wu Jian were awarded National Excellent Advisers, and our university won the Nation Prize for the Active Recommending Institutions of Higher Education. 

 The “Challenge Cup” competition was sponsored by the Central Committee of China Communist Youth League, China Association of Sciences, Ministry of Education and National Academic Association. Serving as a guide and model for the public, the nationwide event was known as the Olympic in science and technology for Chinese college students. Till now ten events of competition have been held successfully since 1989. During the recent years, with the ever-increasing emphasis on the events from college leaders at different levels and the support from units subordinated to our university, Xiangtan University Committee of the Communist Youth League actively aroused and elaborately organized our students to participate in the previous national/provincial competitions and made considerable achievements. Two great events-the 3rd “Challenge Cup” Provincial Competition in Hunan province, namely, the 6th National Competition of Chinese College Students’ Business Plan, and the 8th “Challenge Cup” National Competition of Chinese College Students’ Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Achievements-will be held next year. Therefore, our University Committee of the Communist Youth League will strengthen its work for greater achievements in aspects such as propaganda work, deployment of consulting teachers, selection of student members and subjects, and training courses, etc.