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Foreign Students in Our University Made Remarkable Achievements in HSK Test


On the afternoon of January 4th, the Graduation Ceremony and the HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency Test) Achievements Commendation Meeting of the Intermediate Chinese Class in the 2nd term in 2007 were held in NO.2 Meeting Room, Foreign Students Building in our university. The head of the International Exchange Department and other people concerned were present in the Graduation Ceremony.


The head of the International Exchange Department conveyed his congratulations to the remarkable achievements of all the foreign students who had completed their courses. He also extended his wish that those students would be the bridge of friendly cooperation connecting China and foreign countries by giving a wide publicity of our university and our recent achievements to their teachers, classmates and friends after they came back home. In the end, he issued the Prize Certificates and awards to those students who had achieved great success in HSK Test in the last November. The students felt very excited after receiving the certificates, and all said that studying and living in Xiangtan University were very impressive to them.


Foreign students in our university made remarkable achievements in HSK Test last year. Students who passed Level 7, Level 6 and Level 4 respectively account for 33%, 33% and 17% of all the foreign students. This fully demonstrates the level of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in our university, and also serves as a miniature of our achievements in foreign student work. Attracted by the favorable studying and living conditions in our university, many foreign students from the USA, Spain, France, Japan and Korea etc. came here to study Chinese and Chinese culture. In 2007, number of recruited students (long-term/short-term) was beyond 70, which went up significantly compared to the number in 2006.