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Xiangtan University Alumni Association in North America is in Preparation



For a long time, our alumni at home and abroad have inherited and carried forward Xiangtan University’s striving spirit of arduous struggle and pioneering innovation. They’ve made indelible contributions to the development of regional economy and the society, and thus have won much honor for China and our university.


To build a connection between our university and the alumni, and among our alumni at home and abroad, and also to develop the work on science, education and international exchange in our university, we decide to construct Xiangtan University Alumni Association in North America (hereinafter referred to as XUAANA). This decision is to meet the coming 50th anniversary of Xiangtan University and the Commemoration Meeting on Chairman Mao, who personally used calligraphy to inscribe the name of our university and gave the instruction that “we must make Xiangtan University a first-class university”. Construction of the XUAANA reflects the strong desire of the vast alumni and the pressing requirement of further developing our university.


Construction of the XUAANA is already on its way smoothly with the positive efforts from Ma Xiangjiang and other alumni of our university. Doctor Ma Xiangjiang, who entered our university in 1981 to study Environment and Chemical Engineering, serves as the Senior Engineer in Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA. Doctor Ma enjoys a relatively strong public appeal and has contributed a lot to the construction and development of our university for a long time. On his arrival to our university in December last year, he communicated with Central Alumni Association of our university on the detailed matters concerned. Doctor Ma expressed his good wishes to promote the communication among alumni abroad by building an overseas communication platform for Xiangtan University, and to connect with our alumni in North America in the near future in order to construct the XUAANA at an early date. Any alumni of Xiangtan University in North America are invited to connect with Doctor Ma Xiangjiang (e-mail address: maxiangjiang@cornell.edu). Let’s build our alumni family, XUAANA, together!


The 50th anniversary of Xiangtan University will be held on September 10th, 2008. All the teachers and students with our alumni at home are expecting our alumni abroad to come back for this grand ceremony.