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China Summit on Comparative Studies of English and Chinese


From May 15 to 17, the China Summit on Comparative Studies of English and Chinese was held in our University. Experts and scholars from more than twenty famous domestic universities including Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Wuhan University, Nankai University and Shanghai International Studies University gathered at the forum and carried out in-depth exchanges and exploration on hot issues in the field of English education. Gao Xieping, vice president of Xiangtan University attended the forum.


The experts held that the rapidly-developing western academic theory has produced active effects by various channels on Chinese educational circle in particular interaction and infiltration of Chinese and Western culture. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out the current theories in China and explore research approaches suitable to Chinas actual conditions. By hosting a series of academic lectures themed by “Translation Studies with Significant Form”, “Translation: Ideology and Modernity”, “From Translation Studies to Translatology”, “Translation Studies from the Perspective of Article Science”, “Operating Procedures and Methods of Literature Translation Criticism”, View of Science and Linguistic Studies of Popper”, “Tension, Origin and Cognitive Digestion of Oxymoron” and so on, the experts had extensive academic exchanges.

Pan Wenguo, president of China Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese(CACSEC)thought that in the new situation, three academic aspects are worth noting, namely, return of humanistic spirit, revival of Chinese consciousness and concern over practical problems. President Pan proposed to enhance awareness of the times, risks, problems and strengthen subject consciousness under the new circumstances.

Vice President Gao Xieping pointed out that the forum would exert active and profound influences on broadening academic horizons of researchers, animating academic thinking, stimulating academic innovation, enhancing mutual understanding and promoting rapid development of foreign language. In addition, it provided a platform for scholars to exchange ideas and acted as the bridge of academic research.

XTU has always valued construction and development of foreign language and gradually formed unique features and advantages. In recent years, XTU has won many quality honours such as State-level Teaching Award, National Great Course, National Best Teacher, National Teaching Team and First National Feature Major.

The forum was hosted by CACSEC and organized by School of Foreign Languages of XTU.

(Newspaper of Xiangtan University, Reporter: Jiang Haiwen)
                     (Source: Publicity Department of XTU Party committee)