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Project Team of Professor Luo He’an Won First Prize of Natural Science Awards



University Scientific Technology Awards include Natural Science Awards, Technology Invention Awards, Scientific Technology Advancement Awards, Scientific Technology Advancement Awards (Promotion Type) and Patent Awards. Natural Science Awards are for the discoveries, the scientific research achievements of illustrating natural phenomena, features and rules in the basic research and application basic research fields of natural science; Technology Invention Awards are for the initial scientific technology achievements utilizing the order of nature; Scientific Technology Advancement Awards are for the research achievements in the aspect of natural science application technology; Patent Awards are for the scientific technology achievements of prominent benefits after the implement of the patent technologies. University Scientific Technology Awards is an annual award for the universities in the country.

 2007 University Scientific Technology Awards have been announced, covering 118 Natural Science Awards including 53 First Prizes; 32 Technology Invention Awards including 14 First Prizes; 148 Scientific Technology Advancement Awards including 54 First Prizes; 10 Scientific Technology Advancement Awards (Promotion Type) including 6 First Prizes; 6 Patent Awards including 2 First Prizes.

 The scientific research achievement Dynamics of Rupture and Coalescence of Fluid Particles in Turbulent Liquid Dispersion System of Project Team of Professor Luo He’an of our university won First Prize of Natural Science Awards of University Scientific Technology Awards. It’s the only award in Hunan provincial universities in the Natural Science Awards of 2007 University Scientific Technology Awards; only 8 local universities won First Prizes.

The achievement is called Luo and Svendsen’s Model or Luo’s Model in the international field, which laid a theory foundation for the research of Dynamics of Fluid Particles Rupture, and provided a basic clue of breaking away from the dependent of experiments in the research. It also accelerates the theory research of Rupture Dynamics. A lot of relative theory researches and explorations emerged after the report of the achievement in 1996, which mainly improved and developed based on the achievement. Although only 12 relative papers of the achievement have been published, the total amount of direct citation reached 257 times, including 161 citations in SCI international periodicals. Experts and scholars from about 30 countries and regions cited the achievement, including academicians from US Academy of Engineering, Russian Academy of Science, British Royal Society, British Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Netherlands Academy of Science, Spanish Academy of Engineering, Indian Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering.