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Schoolfellow Xie Chengyin Donates Antarctic Stone to Alma Mater


On the afternoon of May 5, warm applause broke out in the Lecture Hall 1 of Yifu Building, when Schoolfellow Xie Chengyin graduating from XTU in 2006 gave President Luo He’an the school flag which had ever fluttered on Antarctic continent and where 26th Antarctic science expedition commemorative postmark was printed. At the same time, he donated a piece of Antarctic stone to Alma Mater that was put in the School History Museum together with the flag for permanent collection. Receiving the two gifts with special significance, President Luo He’an said excitedly: “Xie Chengyin’s attending to the Antarctic science exploration is not only the pride of him, but also the pride of all XTU people. We are very proud of the outstanding schoolfellow who loves his Alma Mater so much.” Li Bochao, Vice Sectary of CPC of XTU, Tan Yuanqiang, Assistant to President and the persons in charge of Youth League Committee of XTU, Alumnus Federation and School of mechanical engineering attended the donation ceremony.


After the donation ceremony, Xie Chengyin delivered a lecture titled as “Antarctic Science Exploration and Unmanned Vehicle”. He started the lecture from getting on Snow Dragon, Antarctic Expedition Ship. He saw polar lights at Zhongshan Station, flurry in polar region, penguins, seals as well as mysterious polar life in the exploration. Pictures and videos represented what was seen and heard in the Antarctic. Then he introduced the relevant knowledge about unmanned vehicle. He made a systematical exposition of the task finishing situation of unmanned vehicle in the Antarctic exploration from the aspects of test-flying, warship take-off and landing and materials swing, test and application of unmanned helicopter and sea ice observation. In addition to that, Xie Chnegyin made a face to face exchange with the audience on the problems of theory and application prospect of unmanned vehicle, innovation spirit and the cultivation of scientific research interest etc. He said it was the four-year undergraduate study in XTU that cultivated scientific research spirit and manipulative ability, which made him outstanding in the Robotics Institute of Beihang University (BUAA). He hoped that the students could have the courage to attempt and challenge to achieve new success and win glory for XTU.


 Xie Chengyin is an undergraduate in 2006 from the School of Mechanical Engineering of XTU. At present, he worked as a laboratory assistant in the Robotics Institute of Beihang University (BUAA) and manager of Division Department of Beijing Bochuang Science and Technology Group. In addition he takes charge of the R&D and implementation of the international cooperation project of “the development of robot system for polar exploration” of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. When he studied in XTU, he won the second prize of National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest in 2005 and the third prize of the Ninth “Challenge Cup” National Undergraduate Extracurricular Science & Technology Work Contest and was praised as “Top Ten Student Communist Youth League Cadre” of XTU in 2006 etc.



Youth League Committee of XTU
May 5, 2010