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The 11th NPC Deputies President Luo He’an and Student Wen Huazhi Returned in Triumph



  A gentle breeze is freely blowing in this beautiful spring.

On the afternoon of March 19, a welcome ceremony was held in front of the school gate so as to sincerely welcome the successful return of the 11th national NPC Deputies, President Luo He’an and Student Wen Huazhi. The university leaders Peng Guofu, Huang Jianxin, Huang Yunqin, Li Bochao, Dai Feijun, Zhou Yichun, Wang Jiping, Ning Jianming, Xia Guohua, Liu Changgen, and the President Assistant Zhou Yong, and Zhong Dawei for the Propaganda Department of the Educational Committee of the Provincial Committee, were present. The ceremony was presided over by Huang Jianxin, Deputy Secretary of the school’s party committee.

 Peng Guofu, Secretary of the university party committee, addressed a warm speech to sincerely welcome Luo He’an and Wen Huazhi back on behalf of all the teachers and students. Peng Guofu pointed out that it’s was a joyous event that President Luo He’an and Wen Huazhi are selected at the same time as the NPC Deputies to attend the 11th National People’s Congress, which was also our university’s sincere expectation, honor of President Luo He’an and Wen Huazhi as well as other people in Xiangtan University, and was also our duty and responsibility. We should take good advantage of those two NPC Deputies to implement well the meeting spirit, and remember Chairman Mao’s words to build Xiangtan University excellently.

 Luo He’an, NPC Deputy and president of Xiangtan University, expressed sincere thanks for care and support from university leaders, teachers and students. He said that our university has two NPC Deputies to attend the 11th National People’s Congress which showed the university teachers and students are enthusiastic about political events, and expressed the hope of higher education reform on behalf of the provincial education system.

 NPC Deputies Wen Huazhi said in deep motion that she at first thanked all the teachers and students for being selected as the NPC Deputies and she met many aluminums of Xiangtan University this time, which completely illustrated that Xiangtan University has cultivated many excellent talents with its top education quality and she is proud to be a student in Xiangtan University.