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Press Conference for Zhou Xiaoyu’s Oil Painting Exhibition Being Held


The press conference for Zhou Xiaoyu’s oil painting exhibition was held in Changsha on March 16th, 2008. Schemed by “Art Collector”— a column of Hunan Satellite TV, “Man and Nature” oil painting exhibition of Zhou Xiaoyu (Dean of the College of the Arts, Xiangtan University) was co-organized by eight units such as Hunan Provincial Department of Culture, Hunan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Xiangtan University and Hunan Satellite TV Station, etc. Xia Guohua, Vice-President of our university, was on invitation to the press conference.

At the very outset of the press conference, Professor Zhou Xiaoyu addressed the conference and showed audience the relevant videos.

As the press conference was hosted by Wang Han, one of the best hosts in Hunan Satellite TV Station, Professor Zhou painted an eye-catching portrait of Wang Han, which demonstrated the painter’s exquisite skills.

Professor Zhou believes that “only what is the nation’s can then be the world’s”, and thus insists on “brining the ideology and philosophy of Chinese painting into oil painting art”. His paintings embody the design, light and shadow of classical realism, the ideas and painting skills of Chinese painting, and the fluency and transparency of aquarelle, which contribute to his unique style featuring pure colors accompanied with abundant and subtle diversification. As for the content of Zhou’s works, he is inclined to demonstrate his pursuit of and praise for the beauty in the nature and our life. Since his endless inspiration derives from the commonplace scenery in the nature or the plain faces around our life, his works are unadulterated and indicate the painter’s tender and exquisite concern for humanitarianism.

In the press conference, Qiu Tian, Board Chairman of Hunan Satellite TV Art Collector Co., Ltd, introduced that “Man and Natureoil painting exhibition of Zhou Xiaoyu would be held in Hunan Arts Gallery and Art Collector Gallery during march 22nd to 26th, when more than 100 oil paintings including the portrait of Wang Han would be exhibited. This would be the only oil painting exhibition of Profession Zhou Xiaoyu held in China before he was invited to United Kingdoms for the second time. 

To help the journalists obtain more information, Professor Zhou, along with other honored guests, answered the questions proposed in the press conference. This press conference was closed with a complete success.