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Xiangtan University and the University of Winnipeg Sign the Memorandum of Understanding


On the morning of April 3rd, presided over by Vice-president Liu Changgeng, the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between Xiangtan University and the University of Winnipeg was held in the meeting room of Yifu Building, Xiangtan University. At the ceremony, a speech of warm welcome was delivered by President Luo He’an, as the representative of our university, to the delegation of four representatives from the University of Winnipeg, followed by a brief introduction to our university given by Vice-president Chen Xiaoming. Finally, President Luo He’an and Vice-president Liu Changgeng of our university and President Lloyd Axworthy and Vice-president Neil Besner signed the Memorandum of Understanding between our two universities.

Zeng Zhenya, Vice Secretary of Xiangtan Committee of Communist Party of China (hereinafter referred to as CPC), and Mr. Cao, Director of Commission for Discipline and Inspection of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, attended the signing ceremony. Besides, people in charge from the relevant units of our university, such as the International Exchange Center, President Office, Academic Administration Office, Science and Technology Office and Postgraduate Department, etc., were also present at the ceremony.