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Professor Wang Xuehua Talks about Nanoscale Quantum Optics and Application


Prof. Wang Xuehua, an alumnus who began his physics study in our university in 1980, is now a doctor supervisor in Sun Yat-sen University. He was named a “Chang Jiang Scholar” by China’s Ministry of Education. On the evening of April 23rd, Prof. Wang Xuehua delivered a report on Nanoscale Quantum Optics and Its Prospective Application to Quantum Computation in Room 410 in Yifu Building of our university. The report meeting was presided over by Prof. Zhong Jianxin, Dean of the Faculty of Materials and Optoelectronic Physics in our university, and also one of the “Chang Jiang Scholars”. Vice-president Zhou Yichun also attended the report meeting.
At the report meeting, Prof. Wang firstly introduced the research background of modern quantum optics, and pointed out the wide application prospect of photonic crystals as well as the difficulties and challenges that we had encountered in the actual application of photonic chips. Then he gave a briefing on the current research situations (the problems, the corresponding solutions and the results) and the latest findings in the field of quantum information. When it came to the discussion on theoretical models of photonic crystals, Prof. Wang proposed a more accurate theoretical model backed up with convincing explanations for how it solved the suspensible problems involved. After the meeting, he spared his time to discuss with the teachers and students present on the relevant problems of nanoscale quantum optics.
This report meeting was in the report series in the 2nd Graduate Student “Star Teachers’ Forum” Academic Culture Festival.