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Delegation of Cooperative Universities from France Visits Our University


The delegation of cooperative universities from France paid a visit to our university from May 18th to 21st. The four member delegation came here to discuss how we should cooperate with each other on the “2+2 Cooperative Project”. Huang Jianxin, Vice Secretary of the CPC Committee of our university, and Vice President Liu Changgeng received the delegation.


Members of the delegation are Prof. Harry Crawford, Director at the Université Jean Monnets Centre International de Langue et Civilisation in Saint Etienne, Prof. Gilles Jaccoud, President of Saint-Etienne School of Management, Prof. Philippe Norel, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department in Université de Poitiers, and Prof. Bertrand Lordon of Université de Saint-Etienne. Prof. Bertrand Lordon has been giving lectures in our university. 


The “2+2 Cooperative Project” between our university and the cooperative universities from France has stepped into its fourth year, with everything progressing smoothly and being in order. Till now, we have sent two groups of students (totaling 58 students) to further their studies in Université de Saint-Etienne, Université de Poitiers or Universitéde Savoie in France. Among the 58 students, those of the year 2004 have graduated from the universities successfully. Prof. Gilles Pannaux, Prof. Guy Patrick and Prof. Bertrand Lordon from the three French universities have delivered lectures to our French majors of International Exchange College (in preparation) for one and a half months on “Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomic” and “Statistics”. Our students have made a remarkable progress by learning the French textbooks, listening to the French Professors’ lecturing and experiencing the French way of teaching before going abroad. Meanwhile, the French professors’ diligent and conscientious spirit, and their erudition as well as elegance impressed the students greatly.


During the delegation’s stay in our university, people in charge of the “2+2 Cooperative Project” both from the delegation and from our university further improved the project in details, and discussed how to guarantee the smooth progress of the project by overcoming the cultural differences between the West and the East. Both parties believe there is a promising prospect for the cooperative project. Moreover, the delegation has selected the French majors who are to be enrolled in the cooperative project this year.