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Delegation from University of Cape Coast (Ghana) visits Ous University


From June 6th to 9th, the delegation from University of Cape Coast (Ghana, Africa) paid a visit to our university. Members of the delegation are Prof. Emmanuel A.Obeng, President of University of Cape Coast, Dean Samuel K.Ohene, Prof. Kwadwo Opoku Agyeman, Director of International Exchange Center, and Kofi Incoom Enchill, linkman for international affairs. Members of the delegation were received by Liu Changgeng, Vice-president of our university, and the person in charge of our International Exchange Center.


During the delegation’s stay in our university, representatives of University of Cape Coast and Xiangtan University held talks on mutual cooperation and exchange between the two universities, and had an in-depth discussion on co-founding the College of Confucius. After the talks, the two parties cosigned the Memorandum of Understanding. Both parties said that they would, based on the Memorandum of Understanding, strive to deepen and expand the mutual exchange such as teacher/student exchange and scientific research cooperation in the near future at an accelerated pace. The delegation members of University of Cape Coast also expressed their will to embark on preparation work for the College of Confucius upon return to Ghana.


located in Ghana, University of Cape Coast is one of the best universities in West Africa. It is the first time that we have established cooperation with the university from Africa, which is a landmark in our history of international exchange. 

International Exchange Center

June 11th, 2008