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Xiangtan University Wins Multiple Projects of National Social Science Foundation in 2008



By the review of national social science reviewer group and the approval of national philosophy and social science academic group, the results for national social science foundation in 2008 have been released. Xiangtan University wins 12 projects and the number is at the third place in Hunan Province. There are 1095 projects in the review in Hunan Province, and finally there are 88 projects winning the foundations. The first 7 places include: Hunan University (13 projects), Hunan Normal University (13 projects), Xiangtan University (12 projects), Central South University (10 projects), Changsha University of Science & Technology (5 projects), Hunan Academy of Social Science (5 projects), and Jishou University (5 projects). There are 92 projects for the application and the approval rate is 13.04%, which is the first place in key universities of Hunan Province exceeding the average approval rate of 8.6% (Whole nation) or 8.04% (Hunan Province) significantly, and keeping the excellent improving development. The approval projects are presented at the table below:



Project Name





Isomorphism Study of Mao Zedong Thought & Theory System of Chinese Characteristic Socialism

General Project

Study Center of Mao Zedong Thought

Wang Wenbin


Hunan Culture in the View of Culture Conflict

General Project

School of Philosophy & History

Chen Daixiang


Study on Sustainment and Stability of Economic High-Speed Improvement in the Pattern of Multiple Unbalance

General Project

School of Business

Li Huiwen


Mechanism Study of Pluralistic Settlement of Disputes in Novel Country

General Project

School of Law

Zhang Liping


History & Reform of African Constitutionalism

Youth Project

School of Law

Zhang Huaiyin


Special Empirical Study of Civil Action System

Youth Project

School of Law

Liao Yong’an


Mechanism Study of Pluralistic Settlement  involving African Civil & Commercial Disputes

Youth Project

School of Law

Zhu Weidong


Nobility Study of the “Eight Banners” (military organization in Qing Dynasty)

General Project

School of Philosophy & History

Lei Bingyan


Study on Poets in Tang Dynasty

Youth Project

School of Literature & Journalism

Zhao Chenglin


Study on Semantics Characters of English &Chinese without Attributive or Noun Phrase

General Project

School of Foreign Languages

Wen Weiping


Knowledge Sharing Study Based on Corporation Federation

Youth Project

School of Management

Zhou Yonghong


Study on Regional Difference of Information Resource Allocation & Readjustment of Public Policy

Youth Project

Library and School of Management

Xiao Dongmei


Social Science Department

June 3, 2008