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Professor Juan from University of Leon (Spain) Finishes Lecturing on Spanish Economics and Law in Ou


Accredited by the international cooperative education program of Xiangtan University and University of Leon (Spain), Juan, Professor of the University of Leon, arrived at our university for a fortnights lecturing on professional courses. He also brought with him the original textbooks written in Spanish.

From July 2nd to July 15th, when giving lectures to our students majoring in Spanish and answering conscientiously the students’ questions, Professor Juan won the adoration and esteem from the students. The students said that Professor Juan was a precise and meticulous man and it’s their honor to attend the lectures of such an outstanding professor from a famous university abroad in Xiangtan University.  

Besides the lecturing, Professor Juan, on behalf of University of Leon, discussed on the further development of Sino-Western cooperative education program with the people in charge of our International Exchange College. In addition, he put forward some valuable suggestions on improvement of teaching management and teaching quality, and development international cooperation.

Professor Juan was received by President Luo He’an, Deputy Secretary Huang Jianxin and Vice-President Liu Changgeng of our university.

Professor Juan accomplished his teaching task in our university as planned. He came back to Spain in the afternoon of July 16th.

International Exchange College
July 16th, 2008