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Alumnus Xu Xiaoshu is Back to Give Lectures



On the evening of September 8th, at the invitation of “Intellectual Manufacture” Key Laboratory in Higher Educational Institutions of Hunan, Dr. Xu Xiaoshu (Director of Software Department in Solid Concepts Inc.) made a special trip to attend the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Xiangtan University. Dr. Xu delivered a brilliant academic report on engineering titled as “Digit Manufacture” to more than 200 teachers and students in the Academic Conference Hall in our laboratory. His content-rich report was a real eye opener by introducing many new technical ideas and design concepts to the audience.

Among the first postgraduate graduates of our university, Dr. Xu majored in Theory of Computer Science since 1979 in our university. He successively majored in Machinery, Mathematics and Computer, etc. and was good at properly integrating and applying what he had learned into practical work. He received a national artificial intelligence award by the American authorities in 1993, and won R&D 100 Award in 1996, which is the Oscar Award in American sci-tech circle and selects 100 most technologically significant products of the year. After the report many students rushed to the platform and actively consulted Dr. Xu on the subject knowledge, studying method and how to become a useful man, etc. Dr. Xu answered students’ questions with great patience and gave them guidance ardently, which made students reluctant to leave. Dr. Xu’s study and work experience as well as his achievement are in accordance with our school motto “Study Extensively, Practice Earnestly, Be a Man of Virtue and Make Consistent Progress”.


College of Information Engineering
September 9, 2008