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Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Get Together in Our University for Discussion of “Idea and Spi



September 10th is marked as the anniversary day when Chairman Mao himself wrote the name of the school and enjoined the authorities to work hard to make a success of it as well as the 50th anniversary of the establishment of our university. In order to show achievement of running school over the past 50 years and to promote the exchange and cooperation between and among Chinese-Foreign Universities, Chinese-Foreign University Presidents Forum was held in our university from September 9th to 10th. The forum set “Idea and Spirit of University” as its topic and attracted more than 20 university Presidents from famous universities in the world. Present at the opening ceremony of the forum were Ren Xieyong, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Hunan Peoples Congress, Shen Jiyun, Deputy Director of the Education Department of Hunan Province, Fu Huaxing, Deputy Director of Department of Foreign Affairs of Hunan Province, and leaders of our university such as Luo He’an, Huang Yunqing and Liu Changgeng, etc. The forum was presided over by Fu Huaxing.


Xie Yong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Peoples Congress & deputy party secretary, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. He pointed out that, “Good university spirit is the impetus to university construction and indicates a mature system of university management and academic pursuit. The changing times will enrich university spirit, but humane care, scientific innovation, rational critique and being all-embracing should be the everlasting core values of the university spirit”. Shen Jiyun introduced to university Presidents and experts the development of institutions of higher education in Hunan Province at the opening ceremony. President Luo He’an delivered a speech on behalf of our university at the ceremony.


After the opening ceremony, Academician Ou Jinping (President of Dalian University of Technology and an alumnus of our university) and Hiroshi Yoshida (President of Kagoshima University), etc. made brilliant speeches respectively such as “Shoulder the Mission of the Times to Form and Realize the University Ideals” and “International Change between and among Universities”, etc. The two-day forum covered four units in various forms like thematic speeches by university presidents and questioning by the audience. During the two days of discussion and exchange of views, issues of Idea and Spirit of University, Current Reform and Development of Institutes of Higher Education and Development Trend of Innovation in Universities were discussed by presidents from Peoples University of China, Dalian University of Technology, Central South University, Nanchang University, Zhejiang   Sci-Tech   University, Pennsylvania State University (US), Macquarie University (Australia), University of the West of Scotland (UK), University of Leon (Spain), University of Cape Coast (Ghana), Youngsan University (The Republic of Korea), and Kagoshima University, Seisen University and Shiga University (Japan), etc. Issues such as What is a University for, What is a University and Why is a University Called a University were under discussion from the perspectives of talent cultivation, scientific research, service society and the globalization of higher education. Moreover, universities presidents present also exchanged views on further promoting inter-university cooperation on education and teaching, campus culture exchange between and among international universities in diversified forms as well as advanced resource sharing.



Reported by Liu Jianxiang from JOURNAL OF XIANGTAN UNIVERSITY & Student Wu Jin
Photographed by Xie Rong
September 9, 2008