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Alumnus Luo Min is Back to Deliver an Academic Report


On the afternoon of September 11th, Dr. Luo Min made a special trip to attend the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Xiangtan University. As an alumnus of our university of Grade 1977, Dr. Luo majored in Computers. He delivered a thematic report on engineering titled “Common Business Components and Services toward more Agile and Flexible Industry Solutions and Assets” in the Academic Conference Hall in our laboratory, and exchanged views on the subject knowledge of software with more than 200 teachers and students in our College of Information Engineering.


Dr. Luo concurrently serves as the Architect Director of IBM’s Software Group. Being an educator and the forerunner who advocates analyzing and designing methods based on objects and developing methods based on component increment, he has successfully designed and implemented many application systems in such fields as transportation, social work, finance, insurance and manufacture, etc. Dr. Luo’s surefooted learning spirit and studious working attitude stick to his believes of “I am proud of XTU today and XTU will be proud of me tomorrow.”


College of Information Engineering
September 12, 2008