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Arts across the National Boundary: Seminar on Our Arts School Delegation’ Exchange and Inspection To


On the morning of September 16th, the Seminar on Our Arts School Delegation’ Exchange and Inspection Tour in UK was solemnly held in the Academic Conference Hall in our laboratory, which attracted more than 400 teachers and students from the School of Arts in our university.

At the seminar, Zhou Xiaoyu, Dean of School of Art of Xiangtan University, shared with the students his experience in holding personal oil painting exhibition in Perth Museum. Deputy Dean Li Qing delivered a lecture on “Reflections on Culture and Arts Education in UK”, which systematically elaborated his reflections on British arts education in six aspects, namely religion, museum and art gallery, arts design, architecture, film and video industry, and Culture and Arts Education in UK. Deputy Dean Li made a comparison of arts education in UK and that in modern China and emphasized the great potentiality for further development of culture and arts in China. Then, Liu Ling and Wang Yazhuo, on behalf of the students in the delegation, respectively delivered detailed reports on their experience and knowledge gained on the UK tour to their fellow students, covering such aspects as the architectural style, dietary culture, street art and the beautiful country landscape, etc. in UK.

It is said that, during the one-week arts exchange and inspection tour in UK, the delegation not only had an in-depth understanding of the British arts and culture and had arts exchange with UK, but also held three art exhibitions respectively in Perth Museum, Birnam Art Gallery and Perth High School. For the School of Art at its early stage, the tour in UK across the national boundary is undoubtedly a high light, which indicates that School of Art in our university will be on a wider stage.


School of Art
September 18, 2008