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XTU and University of Leon Renew Agreement on Developing Joint-Educational Project


On October 14-16, Vice President José Luis Chamosa, María J Mures Quintana, Dean of Department of Economics, María J Mures Quintana, Deputy Dean of Department of Economics, and Juan Lanero in charge of our Chinese-Western cooperative project from University of Leon paid a visit to our university on invitation, and received a warm reception from Vice President Liu Changgeng of our university. The two parties renewed the agreement on developing joint-educational project.

On October 15, after the delegation of University of Leon had an in-depth and detailed discussion and exchanged views with leaders from our university such as Vice President Liu Changgeng and Wang Xianyou, Dean of International Exchange College, on matters concerning the inter-university exchange and the joint-educational project between the two parties, the “2+2” joint-training project, visas and language tests for students applying to further their study in Spain, teacher and student exchange and so on, the two parties renewed the agreement on developing joint-educational project. According to the renewed agreement, the two parties hereby agree to strive for the steady and rapid development of the “2+2” joint-training project, extend the scope and depth of the Chinese-Western joint-educational project by further including masters and Ph.D. candidates into our joint-training project apart from the undergraduates, and further promote the teacher exchange and cooperation in scientific research between universities in China and in Western countries by extending the scope of cooperation from International Economics & Trade to other majors such as Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology and Tourism Management. Especially, the two parties have reached common ground on building a Confucius Institute in University of Leon, regarding building the Confucius Institute as a significant issue to promote the cooperation and exchange between University of Leon and our university. Furthermore, the two parties believe the Confucius Institute will provide a platform ensuring the smooth exchange between the two parties. The two parties began to work on the declaration work for building the Confucius Institute when the renewed agreement was signed.

The delegation of University of Leon showed its satisfaction in the cooperation with our university and said that the highly capable, united and pragmatic team in our International Exchange College has made significant achievements both in its teaching and management and has successfully cultivated students whose Spanish is good enough for studying and living in Spain. The “2+2” joint-training project between University of Leon and our university has been making steady progress. Till now, three groups of students (totaling 62 students) have been sent to University of Leon in Spain for further study and everything goes well with them in studying and living. 12 students of the year 2004 will graduate in this November, and all of them have already found satisfying jobs or decided on further education as a postgraduate. According to the delegation of University of Leon, students and graduates can work as trainees or formal employees in more than 100 enterprises and financial institutions in Spain that have contracted with the Department of Economics, University of Leon.

The delegation also made a tour around our campus including the classrooms, had informal discussions and exchanged views with our teachers, students of the “2+2” project and staff members in our International Exchange College. The delegation spoke highly of the language competence and comprehensive quality of our students and showed great confidence in the prospect of mutual cooperation. The delegation left for the Embassy of Spain in Beijing on October 16 for further reports and negotiations with the embassy on the joint-educational project.


                                         International Exchange College
October 17, 2008