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XTU Successfully Held the 11th National Academic Conference on Algebra


On October 19-25, organised by our university and co-organized by National University of Defence Technology, Hunan University of Science & Technology, JiShou University and Hunan Normal University, the 11th National Academic Conference on Algebra was held successfully in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, and received substantial support from universities in and out of the province.


The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Guo Jinyun. Professor Fan Yun delivered the opening speech, and Vice President Huang Yunqing gave a speech on behalf of our university. There are 516 attendants from more than 150 universities and research institutes from both home and abroad, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, the University of Hong Kong, National Cheng Kung University from Taiwan and Mahidol University from Thailand. This conference was also attended by algebra predecessors such as Academician Wan Zhexian, Academician Huang Minqiang and Academician Zhang Weiping. This conference set a record of the delegate number and Academician number in the history of the National Academic Conference on Algebra.


The National Academic Conference on Algebra is of the highest profile and is the largest of this kind in China. It attracted all the Chinese colleagues in the circle of algebra research. Algebra is our university’s traditionally preponderant discipline. Professor Chen Zhonghu founded algebra research direction as early as our university was re-established, and he has made outstanding contributions to the research of Lie groups. Through years of building, we have formed a research team composed of Guo Jinyun, Cao Youan, Liu Jianzhou and a group of young people.


On this conference, Professor Guo Jinyun from the School of Mathematics and Computational Science of our university was the Chairman of the organizing committee, and Professor Fan Yun from HuaZhong Normal University was the Chairman of the procedural committee. There were 11 plenary presentations and more than 140 group presentations in the following algebra research fields: semigroup and universal algebra, groups and representations, annular and homology, representation theory of algebras, algebraic groups and quantum groups, Lie theory, algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, algebraic number theory, linear algebra and matrices, algebraic combinatorics, algebraical coding as well as algebra and cryptography. Academician Zhang Weiping gave a plenary presentation titled An L2-Alexander-Conway invariant for knots. The plenary presentations showed several achievements made by the outstanding algebraists and some dynamic research fields. Those more than 140 group presentations attracted broad attention and passion. These presentations included not only many distinguished demonstration and excellent communications by successful algebraists, but also marvellous presentations of new research by young researchers of algebra.


This conference provided an academic exchange platform for scholars of algebra, who could learn from each other, so as to improve the scientific research level. More importantly, it expanded the horizon of graduate students and those young people who were new to algebra research. They were provided with the opportunity to gain an insight to the algebra research both home and abroad, and this conference played an irreplaceable role in introducing new blood into this field of research. The National Academic Conference on Algebra has become a pageant of algebra circle, which played a unique and important role in improving China’s algebra research level.

School of Mathematics and Computational Science
October 28, 2008