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Goodwill Mission from Hikone, Japan Visited XTU


On the morning of October 28, led by Mayor Mr. Kouyou Shishiyama, the goodwill mission from Hikone, Japan visited our university. The mission, composed of 11 delegates from all walks of life from Hikone, visited our campus and had a heated discussion with our Vice President Liu Changgeng and relevant staff from the International Exchange Centre on issues of common concern such as talent foster and exchanges.

The goodwill mission from Hikone was composed not only of government officials, such as the mayor, the head of the city council, but also of educators and common Hikone citizens. They visited Maos statue, the monument dedicated by Comrade Jiang Zemin, and our library, accompanied by staff from the International Exchange Centre. And the campus environment made them full of praise.

After the campus tour, Vice President Liu Changgeng made an introduction of our university’s scale, teacher resource and talent foster in the meeting room of Yifu Building. He pointed out that the purpose of our frequent and multilevel international exchanges is to cultivate more talents with global perspective. Mr. Shishiyama praised our students’ hard-working attitude, and he welcomed more students to pursue further studies in universities of Hikone. Hikone has three universities, in which Shiga University and Seisen University have cooperation agreement in terms of academic and student exchanges with our university. Every year, there are some students from our university going to study in above two universities.

Hikone established sister city relations with Xiangtan as early as 1991, after that we have an even closer relationships and have broadened our cooperation fields. This year is the 17th anniversary of our cooperation relations. Both cities hope to push our cooperation to a higher level. Hikone wish to attract more professionals from Xiangtan, and Xiangtan University, because of its Japanese language teaching resources, plays an irreplaceable role in cultivating those professionals going to Japan. Therefore, our university will make a greater contribution to the further development of the friendly cooperation relationships between these two cities.

International Exchange Centre
October 30, 2008