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Cheng Siwei Presented a Request to XTU: Let Education Be Your Lifetime Ideal

Source:Jiang Haiwen, Reporter of XianDate:2008-11-06


On the afternoon of October 31, former vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Cheng Siwei visited our university, accompanied by Long Guojian, vice chairman of Hunan CPPCC, and Yan Yongsheng, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of Hunan. Cheng Siwei made an in-depth analysis of the importance of education and talent types that need to be cultivated via education. He also hoped that all the teaching staff would set education as their lifetime ideal.


Cheng Siwei first went to the Statue Square and presented a flower basket to the statue of Mao Zedong.


In the meeting room of the Law School, Cheng Siwei and his delegation attended the report meeting hosted by President Luo He’an. XTU secretary of the Party Committee Peng Guofu made a brief introduction on the following five aspects: 1. history of XTU and cares received from the leaders; 2. basic situation of XTU; 3. basic situation of the disciplinary construction; 4. information about our activities to commemorate Comrade Mao Zedong’s writing of our university’s name and his requirement to “make XTU a successful one”, as well as activities of our 50th anniversary; 5. XTU’s objectives and working thoughts.


After hearing the reports, Cheng Siwei congratulated XTU for its 50th anniversary and successful celebration activities. He also extended cordial greetings to more than 30,000 teachers and students. Cheng Siwei said since its establishment, XTU has provided many excellent talents for the economic and social development of Hunan and even the whole China. Most importantly, XTU brought its strengths into full play according to Hunan’s development strategy and main tasks, and adjusted its disciplinary construction and talent cultivation direction to better combine learning with research and production. He hoped XTU would develop faster and better on the past 50 years’ basis.


Cheng Siwei expressed his hope and request for teachers and students of XTU. “Why there were so many talents during the process of our fight for national independence and building a socialist country with Chinese characteristics?” Here Cheng Siwei put forward a question to emphasize the importance of education. He pointed out vividly that “Economy can help us today, science and technology and help us tomorrow, and only education can help us the day after tomorrow.” Cheng Siwei hoped that all the education staff would be loyal to the Party’s education cause, and set education as their lifetime ideal.


Talking about the talent types that need to be cultivated via education, Cheng Siwei emphasized that under the current situations, what we need to cultivate are those of true patriotism, international vision and creativity. Patriotism shall not be just empty talk. It needs to be shown by action. We need to have patriotic ardor, and we should stick our own destiny close to national destiny. We should love our 5000 year broad and profound traditional culture, love our splendid 9.6 million square kilometers territory, and love our more than 1.4 billion diligent and brave Chinese people.


Cheng Siwei placed special emphasis on cultivating leaders that is of “four-dimension” knowledge structure, and could lead scientific and technological innovation. He thought that “four-dimension” structure means: 1. depth in one’s own major; 2. width in relevant disciplines (Without knowledge width, one can not coordinate works of all aspects); 3. height of a philosopher (One needs to treat problems systematically and have the whole situation in mind. “One shall see both the wood and the trees.”) ; 4. foresight, that is “time-dimension”. Only with this kind of knowledge structure, can one be a leader of scientific and technological innovation.